Frequently Asked Questions:


1. How long until I get an answer to my case ?

We make a hard effort to answer your medical consultation in less than 48 hours. Medical consultations that are rated as high priority and are assigned an HP (High Priority) at the end of the case number.

2. Are there any restrictions or requirements for a consultation?

The only limitation is Not to do more than one consultation per week. All inquiries are evaluated by an editorial team before referring the case to a medical specialist and assignnig a consultation number.

3. I have not received response to my medical consultation?

It is very important that all information is well detailed. This is very important to overcome the only filter before being referred to a medical specialist affiliated with Free Internet Doctor. If you have not received a response, you can resubmit the query and improve the writing and at the end of the message, detailing that is the second time that you submit your consult.

4. I received the # case by Free Internet Doctor but even after 48 hours I have not received a response to my medical case by the Doctor?

In this situation we recommend contacting the specialist assigned to the case via e-mail or telephone and respectfully request using the assigned case number, confirmation that the information has been received and ask the doctor if he needs additional information for diagnosis.

5. Can I ask for a second opinion on the same case?

Yes, one of our main goals is to give the user the possibility to obtain an excellent second opinion. You must specify the case number assigned previously and be specific about the specialized doctor that previously treated You in order to redirect your query to a new specialist.

6. How can I guarantee my medical consultation will be answered ?

When making a voluntary donation , your query receives high priority level by our editorial team and We guarantee follow up for your medical consultation with a health professional. In less than 24 hours we will assign a case number to your inquiry and extend reference to a Medical Specialist.

8. Suggestions

If you have any questions about our services contact Us via e-mail


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