is a new project that offers 100% cost free worldwide medical consultation services and medical diagnosis online. You can ask a Specialized Doctor or get an online medical advice for free. This means we make accessible for everyone the private medicine putting it at service of any citizen of the world in the most transparent and ethical way with no economical cost for the patient.
When You make a voluntary donation, Your medical consultation obtains the high priority level and We guarantee follow up and response for your medical case with a certified health professional. In less than 24 hours we will assign a case number for your medical consult and extend reference to the best valued Specialized Doctor.
All of our affiliated doctors are certified health professionals.
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Our free medical consultation services via internet are targeted to all citizens worldwide. Our main goal is to be able to guide and refer our patients to a specialized Doctor in your City and Country who can provide a professional diagnose and ethical service in your medical case. We are your Free Doctor Online. Click Here to ask a medical question.

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